Aquatic Sports Increase Tourism In Panama


Water sports have become the main attractions of thousands of foreign and domestic who make tourism in Panama. Tourism has grown over the past 10 years due to the large number of beaches and hotels that offer sports activities anywhere in the republic.

Fishing: a form of tourism

Sport fishing is one of the tourist attractions with the greatest number of fans. As for tourism, the sport is practiced in the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, on Gatun Lake and Piñas Bay, which have a 170 world record of this sport which is part of tourism in Panama.

The Pearl Islands formed by more than 40 uninhabited islands, is one of the places to make tourism in Panama through fishing, since there is not bad season, but great variety of fish. In the summer tourism is suitable for fishing because the seas flood of snapper, sole, and amberjack. Tourism is practiced in outer island where there are fish samples like big jack, tuna, wahoo and sailfish. Tourism in this sector proves to be a rewarding experience. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Rafting: pure adrenaline tourism

One of the rivers for tourism through rafting is Chiriqui Viejo, located in the province of Chiriqui. The fans make tourism rafting throughout the year, the rapids and spectacular waterfalls, conducting pure adrenaline tourism.

Golf: a good choice for tourists in Panama

The Coronado Golf Club located on the Pacific coast, just 83 miles from Panama City at the Hotel Coronado Club Suites Resort, has an 18-hole golf course, with 72 par yards for professionals, knights, seniors and ladies yards which is a different way of doing tourism. “Fairways” and the grass are surrounded by a wide variety of tropical trees that will appreciate when making tourism. This center is viewed as one of the best in Latin America.


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