What You Need to Know About CPAP Humidifiers


The term CPAP means Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and this is a machine that was invented to solve the sleep apnea disorder. The machine always keeps the airway of the person open and helps them sleep better. The reason for this is, snoring and sleep apnea occurs only if the airway closes up making the person difficult to breathe in fresh air.

Snoring might seem to be common and no big deal but the reason why it occurs in the first place is due to the blocking of airways. Over time of left untreated, the situation may lead to chronic obstructive sleep apnea which is called a breathing disorder.

There are two types of CPAP Humidifiers.

CPAP Humidifier:

One of the many parts of the CPAP machine. The humidifiers are responsible to keep the mouth and throat parts stay moisturized with fresh air. This moisture allows the person to not feel a dry throat or any other irritations. Hence, the role of CPAP Humidifier is essential to let the person breathe in fresh air soothing the respiratory tract and enjoy a calm sleep.

Passive Humidifier:

Generally will be added to the CPAP machine. This is because, when high pressure is passed, before passing through CPAP Hose, the air passes through the cold water and then it is passed in to the mask. This sort of humidifier acts well because, when the environment is cold, high pressured air will let moist air pass through the mask more efficiently. Due to high pressures and moist water molecules, the person might feel a little cooler than normal.

Standalone Humidifier:

With the Standalone Humidifiers, the CPAP air passage is longer and it proves more advantageous in terms of humidity. The standalone CPAP humidifier is better than the passive humidifier in terms of usage. However, the standalone machines are much larger occupying more space compared to the passive type. Sleep Health

All in all, there cannot be a CPAP machine without a CPAP humidifier and either type has to be linked to the CPAP machine. Choose the humidifier that best suits your needs, if unsure please consult a doctor.

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